Monday, July 26, 2010

Press Review of Pensacola Museum of Art

The Pensacola News Journal art reviewer, Michael Roberts had this to say about a current juried show.(Unedited)

"The show's best moments are definitely it's paintings. Thomas Groth, who's dedicated to pre-Raphaelites subject, presents two small portraits in oil. The strongest one, titled "White Linen" reveals his subject's mug shot with her glorified soft flesh and piercing but still gentle eyes. The frame crops out the top of her hat for a sense of balance."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's on my easel?

Here are the initial stages of an oil painting that was begin July 2010.
Here is an idea I started playing with several years ago and then put away. It's about a high light coming through a window and a situation that yet is to be resolved.
The next stage is a full size cartoon that works out the piece. This stage done on tracing paper and works out details. For example the figure is in a setting and there are some difficult perspective issues that have to be worked out.
The cartoon is transferred to a prepared canvas. (I use 2 coats of acrylic gesso and sand each coat). I transfer by rubbing charcoal over the back of the thin tracing paper and taping it into position on the canvas. I often use a larger canvas than the initial idea in case the painting goes where I hadn't planned. I then use a 5H pencil and a stylus and go over the figure etc on the cartoon. This roughly transfers the design to the canvas.
This is where I am at this point. I redraw very carefully the figure an other major elements. I use prismacolor with a very sharp points. This drawing is done to establish tones and lines (not color). I use prsimacolor because it doesn't bleed through the oil paint like graphite pencil does. (Never use graphite pencil as an underdrawing on an oil). I don't use charcoal because I like a tighter line than most charcoal provides.
After this drawing is done I'll fix it and move to an isolating varnish step--more on that in later posts.
IMPORTANT: click on images to enlarge.

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